Is iPoll A Scam Or Not? Read The FInal Verdict!

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Ipoll scam reviewSome people are wondering if is a scam, a waste of effort, or a quick passage into retirement. Don’t just read what you read on blogs about the subject. Those people could have a vested interest in promoting iPoll. iPoll is an online survey site that offers you a way to make money, at least ostensibly.

The gist is that you can make money on the Internet by taking online surveys. All you have to do is sign up at an online survey website, and then you can begin to get paid for your opinion. The vast majority of survey websites online, however, are probably survey scams, and they don’t offer any monetary reward, whatsoever. 

Is iPoll different than the rest? You may get the idea to sign up and try it out. You would first complete the online sign-up survey, and then you would be directed to your iPoll profile page. There will be a number of different sign-up surveys along the tab on the left side of the page. Each of them will cover a different topic.

These sign-up surveys were created to help better match the users with the right surveys. Each of the surveys are supposedly worth ten to 25 cents. That can add up to a lot if you take enough surveys, but you’re probably going to make less than minimum wage, still. So, to have a complete profile, and to make a little bit of money, you can complete all of these sign-up surveys, and there are about 12 of them. Note that you might not be able to find that many surveys on a regular basis on the site itself, to warrant that less than minimum wage number, but the sign-up surveys at least do provide a little monetary reward. So, after completing all the sign-up surveys, your account balance should be around $6.65. When that is divided, that looks out to be around $3.50/hr.

Does iPoll seem to get better once you’ve signed up? No, it doesn’t really seem to get better once you’ve signed up. You can’t claim any of the money that you’re owned until you reach the $15 threshold. It’s common with most sites like these to have a normal threshold, and you won’t be able to collect your money until you’ve reached that treshold.

The website does get worse though. The website offers you some select surveys. Not all of these surveys work, however. In my experience, one of these surveys worked for me, and I added $1.75 to my account, but I had some troule with the second survey.

I filled out most of the survey only to be told that the survey was now full, and that it was full of participants. That is a nice waste of time, right there, to get taken out of the survey once I’ve answered the questions.

I get the feeling that this kind of thing will happen a lot. It might be impossible for me to reach the $15 threshold. My final verdict is that iPoll is a scam. The minimum payout is falsely advertised at $15, and it’s really $25. The actual minimum payout is actually for a shoddy little voucher, and not even real money. It is also very hard, if not impossible, to reach the minimum payout. What would be the point of matching the minimum payout if you were just going to get a shoddy voucher anyway? It would be ridiculous to think that you would want to sit there and fill out surveys for days just to get a gift certificate. A better alternative would be to try out CashCrate! You can read our review from our blog.

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